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Repair damaged skin with a CO2 Laser treatment

Has repeated sun worshiping and overall neglect left its mark on your skin? Are you tired of constantly feeling like you find new damage and wrinkles every time you look in the mirror? There is no need to settle for the skin you don’t love. CO2 Laser skin resurfacing is the gold standard when it comes to reducing blemishes and dramatically improving skin appearance with minimal downtime.  

What Is a CO2 Laser?

At Ciao Bella Skin and Wellness our CO2 laser is an FDA-approved laser used to help reduce the signs of aging and improve the texture of the skin as a non-surgical method to rejuvenate your skin. One treatment will yield excellent results however we have found a series of 3 treatments over time will absolutely make your skin grow and regain its youthful appearance. 

How Can a CO2 Laser Help Me?

CO2 laser treatments are generally used as skin resurfacing treatments. Commonly treated concerns include but are not limited to:

  • Acne scars

  • Age spots

  • Uneven Skin Tone

  • Fine lines

  • Scars (surgical, trauma)

  • Skin discoloration

  • Sun damage

  • Uneven or rough skin texture

  • Wrinkles

Am I a Good Candidate?

We can do a full evaluation of your skin type to determine the potential benefits of a CO2 Laser Treatment.  A series of treatments may be required to help you achieve and maintain your cosmetic goals, but results will vary for each patient and treatment area. During your consultation, can determine if CO2 laser should be part of your treatment plan.

Will there be Downtime?

To sum up, our CO2 laser procedure is non-surgical and minimally invasive as well as FDA approved.  It is performed in office as an outpatient procedure, with minimal downtime associated with the procedure. While the procedure may involve moderate discomfort, there are anesthetic options available, which can be discussed during a consultation with our team.

Contact Star at Ciao Bella Skin and Wellness in Lake Ozark Missouri for all your skin and aesthetic needs. We also offer weight loss options and ask about our new line of Peptides.


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