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Osage Beach, MO MedSpa
IV Hydration + Vitamin Shots

Ciao Bella is a full-service medical spa that’s helping people just like you replenish, rehydrate, and revitalize through Vitamin Shots & IV Hydration Therapy drips.  From athletes looking to focus on muscle recovery to flight attendants who want to boost their immune systems. We have an IV Hydration and Vitamin solution to fit your individual needs. 


IV Hydration Infusions
+ Vitamin Shots 

When you put the very best in your body you empower yourself to do more with life. Unforntantly,  most people consume very little of the nutrition they need to live a fast-paced life. Help your body stay healthy and recover quicker with an IV Hydration Infusion from Ciao Bella.

Why try a Ciao Bella IV Hydration Treatment?

Our customized IV Hydration formulas are crafted to help you obtain a number of wellness benefits. You will feel your best quickly and safely, plus you can add this therapy to a number of other Ciao Bella services for the ultimate self-care package! 

  • Remove toxins from your system

  • Reduce dramatic effects of aging

  • Improve your mood & brain clarity 

  • Increase your energy levels

  • Obtain healthier skin & nails


Fight Aging & Detoxic Your Body

Get the results you want with one of our customized options below. Within 45-minutes you'll be out the door feeling revitalized with micronutrients and pure hydration running throughout your body.

Empower your body's detoxification process and encourage cell revitalization and regeneration. Our custom Ciao Bella IV Hydration Drips are designed to improve your overall body energy and metabolism. Helping you look and feel younger by keeping your cells healthy and strong. 

To get started, schedule today by calling 573-342-9006 or book your appointment online!

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Our premiere IV Hydration Infusion, the NAD helps to keep your brain clear and your cells young. NAD is a coenzyme involved in DNA and cell repairs. This IV drip helps reduce cravings, recover from injuries, and slow down aging.

Rise and Shine

Repair the damage done from one drink too many or not enough sleep. Get a boost of energy, avoid headaches, and empower your immune system at once. 

Toradol Shot

A Toradol Vitamin Shot by Ciao Bella helps stop migraine attacks and provides rapid pain relief for those experiencing moderate to severe levels of pain. 


Our signature IV Drip with maximum impact. This IV vitamin infusion includes all you need to feel you best. Loaded with B12 and micronutrients to reactivate cells that produce healthy-looking hair and skin. Empower your body to detoxify and break down damaged blood cells.

The Executive

You'll feel sharp and mentally alert at work and after-hours with this IV drip designed to boost your energy levels quickly. Allowing you to enjoy the best of life well after you clock out of work. 

Zofran Shot

A Zofran Vitamin Shot by Ciao Bella helps reduce or prevent nausea and vomiting symptoms in as quick as 30 minutes. Providing up to 8-12 hours of relief.

Fountain of Youth

Get healthier skin, nails, and hair with our Fountain of Youth IV Hydration treatment. Your body will be replenished with nutrients and hydration to reduce visible signs of aging while detoxing and eliminating toxins from your system. 



Even skin tone made easy with this a Ciao Bella IV Drip! Glutathione empowers cells, slows down aging and produces a brighter healthier glow for your skin.

Natural Defense

boost your immune system with this IV Vitamin Infusion from Ciao Bella! This IV drip helps you avoid the doctor by fueling your immune system with high-impact nutrients. Fight against airborne illnesses and improve your body's ability to withstand stress. 

B-12 Shot

A B-12 Vitamin Shot by Ciao Bella helps support your mood, increase your metabolism, and keep your nails, skin, and hair vibrant and healthy. 

Please note, to ensure freshness all IV Hydration orders must be ordered 48 hours in advance 

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We can come to you!

Let the Ciao Bella MedSpa come to you with our mobile appointment option on select treatments. Stay in those jammies and pour another cup of hot coffee as our injectors provide you with a safe and effective service in the comfort of your own home. Please note, a concierge fee will be included for a home visit.

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