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IPL can help with brown and red spots on face, neck, hands.

Really almost anywhere on the body can be treated with IPL therapy. While it is often referred to as a Laser treatment it is technically a light "phototherapy" called Intense Pulse Light.

Who is a good candidate for IPL? Anyone on the Fitzpatrick scale between I and IV. If you are a skin type 4 or 5 please note our Pixel 8 RF Micro needling treatment is perfect for your skin type!

We have the added benefit of a "Zimmer Chiller" that eases patient discomfort and increases safety. Addition pain relief and anesthesia options are also available, although likely unnecessary for IPL treatment.

Here is a great article from Glamour magazine on this procedure. Some of the issue IPL can clear up include but are not limited to sun damage, brown spots, freckles, spider veins, rosacea, small visible red blood vessels, and dull and sagging complexions.

Hit the book now for your consultation appointment and get ready to have your skin Brightened, Lightened, and Tightened! 573-342-9006

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