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Body Sculp and Body Tone lose inches off your waist

Updated: Jul 2, 2023

Holy Abs Batman. Using Body Sulp and Body Tone is like cheating! Body Sculp (yes that is the correct spelling) kills fat cells under your skin and is especially effective and getting the ones that never go way no matter how hard you work out. You body's own lymphatic system will flush them away and they do not return. Real results at the Lake Ozark office have varied from 1, 2 and in some cases 3 inches lost after one session!

Body Tone uses bioelectric energy pulses to stimulate muscle contractions. It can be used twice a week for 3 weeks to get you fit in a hurry! You can get the equivalent of a 20,000 sit up workout in 30 minutes without breaking a sweat. Get your abs rockin for summer now!

All Laser devices at Ciao Bella Skin and Wellness are FDA cleared and a trained professional will be supervising all procedures.

Come by the Spa located at Natalie Kay Salon next to the Rusty Rooster on Bagnell Dam Boulevard anytime during business hours or schedule an appointment to see for yourself.

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