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Vaginal Rejuvenation at the Lake of the Ozarks

Ciao Bella Skin and Wellness has a FDA approved CO2 Laser treatment that will helps women seeking to reverse the effects of childbirth, aging, and hormonal changes on their vaginal tissue. There is no limit of age of our patients (pre and post menopausal) and the procedure is fast and requires no anesthesia. You will notice the effects immediately after use and a series of 3 Vaginal Rejuvenation procedures is recommended.

How does it work? Our Phoenix CO2 laser treatments focus energy internally on the vaginal wall and when the laser light is absorbed, it heats the tissue and the body’s reaction is to produce collagen, elastin, blood vessels, and vaginal tissue. The result of this action is that it increases tension of the vaginal tissue as it tightens the vaginal canal and labia, improves blood flow and lubrication, and enhances the support of the urethra and bladder.

If you want to improve your sexual experience or need help with urinary incontinence this is an easy, quick, and effective procure yo can do right here at the Lake. Call Ciao Bella Skin and Wellness for a free Vaginal Rejuvenation consultation today at 573-342-9006


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