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Help - I am interested in getting my skin repaired, but I am scared of the pain?

Updated: Feb 26, 2022

No one likes the thought of sitting in a chair and getting pain inflicted on them. I mean, those trips to the dentist are bad enough, right?

Ciao Bella Skin and wellness has many options for lessening pain during procedures such as Botox, dermal fillers, and laser resurfacing/rejuvenation. While the vast majority of patients realize the fear and anxiety is usually much worse than the actual sensation of pain, we have several ways to help with this issue.

One of the the more amazing machines we have at our disposal is a Zimmer Chiller; it is a small personal air conditioner that you control to put cool/cold air (it is adjustable) right where you want it. You hold a small tube and direct the flow of air where you feel it is needed. When getting a laser procedure, this is an absolute game changer and really helps with any localized discomfort. We find some like it for injectables and the good news is we can make it available for any procedure.

We also have Pro-Nox that is a self-administered nitrous oxide system to lessen discomfort and anxiety during minimally invasive treatments. It is there for you to use to help you reduce the intensity of your treatment. Take as much or as little as you desire. If you ever had a dentists strap a mask on you and walk away while you floated to the ceiling and forgot what you name was, this is not that experience. It is self administered meaning your control it 100%. Some find they need very little to achieve a comfortable level of tolerance.

We also have numbing cream that we can apply to literally make you feel nothing on the surface of your skin. It certain case such as tattoo removal a local can be given to lessen/remove the pain of the Long Pulse Laser as it breaks up your tattoo.

We have plenty of options to help with your anxiety and fear of needles, pain, etc. Get the results you want TODAY and book a procedure now. We will explain during the consultation how we can help make the experience as pain free as you would like.

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