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Crow's feet? That's for the birds! Erase them today at Ciao Bella Skin & Wellness

Crow's feet belong to the birds, not on your beautiful face. Everyone has them, but some are barely noticeable while others are very pronounced. You can try creams and masks, and it can get expensive and you are only reducing at the surface. Ciao Bella Skin & Wellness offers a non surgical package that is sure to bring results. Co2 Laser and Botox!

Both of these treatments have been around for a long time and are safe and EFFECTIVE! The combination of the two take the procedure to unbelievable levels of synergistic results that last longer. You will be needing a lot less Neurotoxin (Botox,Dysport) going forward after the procedure because of the deep and long lasting results.

The ideal situation is to get your neurotoxin a month before the Co2 treatment. It can be used around the eyes and blended into the cheeks. This skin will heal better and faster than the rest of the face so you are not facing a long downtime. If you have some downtime and want the whole face done at this time, no problem. #Cioabellaskinandwellness also has an FDA approved Erbium Laser that will do an amazing job on your face with less downtime than the Co2. Both Lasers have their strengths and advantages, we are fortunate to have both here for to custom match to your individual needs.

Call Star today at 573-342-9006 or visit for more info. The results are real but you have to take the first step. Do it today!

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